SoilWaterApp - estimating Soil Water during fallow and crops

-using local soil, weather and crop information on your iPhone & iPad (iOS only)

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Supporting Farm Decisions

Erratic weather makes stored soil water a critical part of profitable cropping in Australia.

SoilWaterApp estimates soil water using Bureau of Meteorology and local rainfall records. Push probe and soil water sensor readings can also be used.

Data is securely stored and available for other uses.

Latest news

SILO climate-data server is down
We've just been notified that the SILO data server has had a hardware failure. This will affect all CliMate and SoilWater App users as you won't be able to download new climate data. However, ...

Updated SoilWaterApp Released
SWApp is being continually updated Updates include; improved stability and speed; ability to share a site with another user (with ability to edit local rainfall); improved manua...

Sharing sites and reports
By selecting the ^ arrow in a box on top right of the results screen, You can: - Share report via email, or - Share site with others who must have SWApp installed. (using their regist...

Your added rainfall data stored and retrieveable
Rainfall data that is manually entered into SWApp can be viewed and downloaded in two formats:  - a csv format for use in other programs; and  - a calendar format similar to most farm...

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