View site analysis

The "site analysis" screen consists of two separate pages including a (1) Site Report page, and a (2) Site Data page. You can swipe between these pages, or select from the "tab-control" at the bottom of the screen.


(1) Site Report (2) Site Data


The report shows:

  • the amount of plant available water (mm and % of PAWC)
  • where the water is distributed in the soil profile and a table of water balance components
  • a graph showing dynamics of soil water
  • crop and stubble cover


The "Site Data" page allows you to investigate the long-term rainfall from BoM which was used to generate the soil water estimate. If a raingauge and/or SW sensor is attached to this site, this data will also be displayed in this view. If a "manual-entry" raingauge or SW sensor is attached, you can also edit this data directly from this view. 


Report options include:

  • Sharing a site with another SWApp user
  • Exporting a report to an email recipient
  • Showing a water balance table for the period simulated and looking forward.
  • ADVANCED - Modify starting conditions (dates and PAW)
  • ADVANCED - Modify soil (depth, texture, drainage)
  • ADVANCED - Modify Crop/fallow (dates, cover adjustment)

Note: The advanced options require a good understanding of soil and crop details.