Adding/editing a site

By selecting "Add new site" or + (top right menu button) from the "Sites Home Page", you will be guided through a series of steps to customise a new paddock. Note that default settings for a new site are based on the last site you have selected.

Site setup has at least 11 steps (with additional steps depending on the options selected):


Step 1

Naming the property and paddock

Step 2

Locate the paddock

Step 3

Select a climate station (BoM from Silo)

Step 4

Select a soil (library or based on location)

Step 5

Select a fallow or crop

Step 6

If crop – set plant and finish date and stubble cover in fallow and under crop

Step 7

Set start and end dates and starting soil water

Step 8

Link to local rain gauge as a new calendar from manual records or link to Netatmo ©, BlueTooth or Network gauges that may be available

Step 9

Add a soil water estimate either from (a)Push probe depth (mm of probe depth) or (b)soil water estimate (mm available) from another device

Step 10

Add past irrigation and future projected rules based irrigation

Step 11

Review setup – an overview which can be revised any time‚Äč