Adding a soil water sensor

Independent estimates of soil water can be added from the “Data” tab in the Report screen and the “SW Sensors” tab in the Sites screen.

SWApp can use independent estimates of soil water from two approaches:

  • Depth of a push probe and specify wet or moist soil. This uses soil profile description entered in site setup and provides another approach to setting a starting value for SWApp
  • A manual data record(s) from a soil water sensor probe (mm plant available water) or similar estimate

You can add a new soil water sensor to your project by clicking the "Add new SW Sensor" button on the SW Sensors home screen. Note that you can also do this when setting up a site (there is a step in the setup to add a SW sensor).

There are at 5 steps involved in setting up a new SW Sensor.


Select the type of SW Sensor you want to add


Name your SW Sensor

Step 3

Set the location of your SW sensor

Step 4

Enter some data for your SW sensor (this can be done later)

Step 5

Review your settings